Stimulate your senses every week with a new, surprising lunch. The lunch module consists of a starter and a main course. However, there's also the possibility to only enjoy the main course to the fullest.


Lunch from 09/03 to 13/03



- Squid, couscous, ratatouille -


Main course

- Pigon, butternut, jus port  -




Lunch module main course: €19
Lunch module starter and main course: €27 



Brasserie Souffleur is located in the Vlamingstraat across the City Theatre, which is near the main market square (Markt) and the best shopping streets in Bruges. We are the ideal place to catch your breath if you want to take a break from all the sightseeing or shopping, and the perfect start or end to your day!
If you are here by car, we advise you to enter Bruges via the Kruispoort. Follow the Langestraat and the Hoogstraat, and you will automatically arrive at the Vlamingstraat.

Vlamingstraat 58
8000 Brugge

tel & fax 050-34.82.92